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Write essay on good habits

An essay is a type of text in which the author reveals his point of view, criticizes and argues on a particular topic. This is one of the textual genres collected in scientific works, but less frequently in relation to the dissertation.

In this type of text production, the author accepts the opinion and defends it in a logical and organized structure. The essay is characterized as a discursive, argumentative and explanatory text. An essay is a subjective expression of the author’s thoughts and may be formal or informal. It depends on the topic of your essay. If the topic is common and you need to talk about how you spent your summer, about your best friend, or write essay on good habits, then you need to use informal speech. If the topic of the essay is more complicated, where it is necessary to conduct research based on the work of other researchers, then in such an essay it is better to use formal speech.

In the essay, the author’s reflection is allocated to any external power and is determined by three main factors: independent use of abilities, personal freedom and a constant effort of original thinking. Other characteristics are closing experience and criticality.

The essay became popular because it is an easy-to-read, readable text without having to prove it. But do not forget that all the studies that you used in writing an essay should be official. This needs to be confirmed when you refer to the work of a researcher. Therefore, it is not necessary to invent facts that do not exist if you need to prove your point of view.

Any essay needs a plan. Even if you are writing a simple essay, you need to make a plan in order to make your work easier and faster. Write a few key thoughts on your essay while trying to follow the logical chain. Your thoughts should be interconnected by meaning and logic, so do not go from one topic to another.

After you write the outline for an essay, you can start writing an essay. Follow your plan and gradually write your thoughts. If the topic of your essay is more complex and you need to do research in it, then you will have to read a certain literature first. These may be subject books, magazines or articles. It all depends on what topic you have and which researchers are considering this question. Highlight the necessary quotes, words or sentences so that when writing an essay you can quickly return to the necessary information and read it again.

Remember that you also need to write an interesting introduction and a no less interesting conclusion. These two parts of the essay should not occupy more than ten percent of the entire text, but they are no less important than the main part. So make them interesting and take enough time to work on these parts.

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